A no-compromise platform for embedded development.

I’ve been tinkering with this dev-board for over a month now… and I’m ready to tell you how mind-blowingly fantastic it is.


GHI Electronics has been doing some great things with System on Module, .NET Gadgeteer, and their File System products. Ready for a new flavor of amazing?

This guy is the heart of the Cobra II – the G120… and I think the G stands for gravy. An NXP ARM Cortex-M3 Processor running at 120Mhz, 4.5MB of Flash, and 16 MB of RAM.


The module runs the .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) and GHI has even thrown-in a Premium Library to sweeten the deal.

* Memory Management
* Runtime Debugging
* USB Host and Client
* TCP/IP Stack
* I2C
* Digital Inputs / Outputs
* Analog Inputs / Outputs
* OneWire
* Threading, Events, and Deeeelux Timers
* RLP (native code friendly)
* Graphics (Bitmap, GIF and JPEG)
* SQLite Database
* Digital Waveform Generator

Oh… and WiFi.


The dev-board comes in a no-frills version for $99 and one that includes WiFi for $149. That’s where the expensive stops… the bottom-line on the G120 SoM is about $38 in quantity.

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