LEDs are the bacon of PCB design…

They spice-up FR4 like a boss – and when you’re looking for just the right LED …all roads lead to ROHM!

You doubt?

Do a quick search on DigiKey – ROHM has more than 150 unique options to choose from. Including this little guy… the PICOLED™.


ROHM’s ‘worlds smallest RGB LED’ allows you to swap out that tired single color 0402 LED without sacrificing precious PCB real estate; keeping your designs small/compact. Hit-up the datasheet for more info on this 1.5mm x 1.0mm gem.

NOTE: If you’re thinking you can hand solder one of these – it might be easier to suck peanut butter through a coffee straw. Hot air or reflow is going to be the tool of choice. I can’t imagine you would need more than a spec of solder paste on each of those microscopic pads.

UPDATE: If this little guy makes you cross-eyed… a breakout is available.

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