Get frisky with mains…

Mains AC goes in, and sweet DC comes out. Yeah… yeah… but doesn’t CUI already offer something similar to this?


Yes, they do – they have quite a portfolio of single output AC/DC modules. However, by the time you see dual-output options there is a big difference in package size, packaging, performance, certification, and efficiency. Definitely look through the datasheets before making any hard-and-fast decisions.


To seal the deal, PowerPax has a line of ultra small bias range modules that are ideal for emerging integrated solutions that require even smaller footprints without sacrificing features. Anybody want to put a microcontroller in a toaster?

Ooo… Ooo… they even have a new line of 1 and 3 watt SIL-style modules that could really help shrinkify your designs.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah…

My only complaint with these bricks of high voltage deliciousness… is getting them. I had a terrible time finding anyone that carried the modules I wanted to review. The only option at the time was through Rapid Online. Yikes!

Rapid’s ordering system has serious issues with addresses in the US; I couldn’t complete an order. At one point my bank was calling me to see if someone had stolen my credit card! If it weren’t for a good friend in Witney (thank you Sandie) I would be sorry out of luck. Buying parts out of the UK is like getting teeth pulled… out your navel. Two-words PowerPax, “mini bar.”

Other than that – throw in a fuze and a couple other bits and you’ll be trippin’ the night fantastic with mains.


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