Inexpensive, low-power, and simplified configuration… oh my!

The Internet of Things is about to get crazy… the gloves are off. TI’s CC3000 WiFi offering aims to liquify the primary complaints against leveraging WiFi in diminutive applications. Any applications really.

  • CC3000 is a 3.3v device (not a power pig)
  • $10 in 1k quantity
  • One click configs… more on that below

The 802.11 b/g module is small; 16mm x 13mm x 2mm.


Easy to setup? Yep. TI finally gets it… not every device has a keypad, keyboard, screen, or ham sandwich.

TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 module comes with TI’s unique SmartConfig™ technology, a one-step Wi-Fi setup process that allows multiple in-home devices to connect to Wi-Fi networks quickly and efficiently.

Did I mention it was small?


It’s a crazy footprint… meh. We’ll whip-up something in Eagle and post it here shortly. No big.


If you’re into Stellaris Launchpad, TI has some great products to get you started.


If you’re into Arduino, there’s already a port of the Launchpad bits and some buzz over at Adafruit. Or are you a Model A Raspberry Pi type? Mmmm… Raspbery Pi.

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