Once upon a time, in the land of Piezo

…there was a kind king named PUI Audio. He blooped, he bleeped, and made loud wooo wooos. He rocked, he rolled, and made it easy to choose.

Indicators, transducers, speakers, microphones, benders, sirens, and more… a royal purveyor of all stuffs SPL – never a bore!

Are you troubled with components… frazzled with parts… tired of marginal frequency response?

PUI Audio throws-down the smooth… slaps-down the shiny. Here’s proof – that their fist is mighty!

Balanced and blended and oh-so-sweet. They have bits-for-boxes that need to tweet.

Do you doubt? Do you puzzle? The datasheet is here… for all to nuzzle.

BACKSTORY: I had a last-minute request to add audio to a project with impossible space constraints… which resulted in an all-night Digi-Key quest. I was having a difficult time finding a ‘speaker’ that would work… then I ran into the APS2714S-R from PUI Audio. I had a hard time believing the stats: frequency response 300Hz ~ 20kHz, 75dB, 26.5mm X 23mm X 1mm.

It seemed to good to be true; I decided to take a chance (it was only a fiver) and added it to the order.

A few days later I received my box of candidates and began weeding through them. When I landed on the APS2714S-R I wasn’t expecting much. I mean… it’s a piezo right? Wrong. I was blown away – it was loud and clear!

The morale of the story? Appearances can be deceiving… it’s nice to be reminded of that once in a while ( wink wink, nudge nudge ).

UPDATE: Sending PUI a sample request with anything less than 50k pieces on your bill of materials may enrage the inside sales gods! Don’t be surprised if you awake the next morning to find your mailbox stuffed full of dead kittens. I kid you not. You have been warned. Get your onsies and twosies from Digi-Key.

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